VCAL Sport & Recreation Program



Sunshine campus is offering a unique VCAL program for Foundation and Intermediate students who are passionate about sport, fitness and recreation. This is an integrated VCAL program, meaning that most of the VCAL learning outcomes are sport related.


The VCAL Sport and Recreation program is suited to students who enjoy an applied learning context and frequent physical activity. Students in this program will particiapte in daily active, hands-on sports education; with a focus on fitness, nutrition, sport and recreational activities. Students will have opportunities to develop skills in planning, instructing, facilitating and officiating a variety of physical games, sports and fitness sessions. There will be a wide variety of sports covered throughout the year, that will be tailored to individual student interest.


In meeting the requirements of the VCAL Personal Development Skills strand, students will improve their leadership skills and put their creative ideas into action by organising events and activities out of the classroom. Community engagement, personal resilience and interpersonal skills will be further developed through sports coaching, group sessions and fitness programming.


Students will also develop knowledge of the sporting industry and relevant workplace skills through the VCAL Work Related Skills strand. They learn about the preparation and equipment required for sporting and recreation sessions, how to conduct these activities, adapting sessions to suit various needs and workplace specific OHS roles, responsibilities and procedures. Students will also develop knowledge of managing risk and safety in sport, obtain skills in using industry specific technology and work in teams to complete sport related projects.


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