Young Mums’ Unite

The Young Mums’ class is an educational program specifically designed to support young mums to re-engaging with education. The young mums have the unique opportunity to bring their children into their learning space and to cultivate new friendships with other students who have shared life journeys.


The Young Mums’ Unite (YMU) was a social initiative developed by the students at Hester Hornbrook Academy to disrupt and tackle the stigma attached with being a young mother. Their message and enterprise slogan is simple; “We got this”. The slogan represents their capacity to juggle the demands of parenthood, whilst engaging in fulltime study.


The social enterprise YMU develops handmade products that are then sold as their business to the wider community. The YMU product selection includes; handmade tote bags, wheat bags, t-shirts and candle ranges.


Most importantly, the YMU are keen on giving back to the community and have created a social impact arm to their social enterprise, which gives 50% of the profits made to the charities they support.



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