Our Values & Principles

At The Hester Hornbrook Academy (HHA) we believe that education is a critical tool for young people to create their own future. Education should not just focus on an academic outcome but be holistic and meet the wider needs of a young person.



Our mission is to provide an innovative, inclusive and engaging educational experience that will:

  • ENGAGE young people by welcoming them into a community where they are safe, valued and heard.
  • EQUIP young people with the skills, knowledge, resilience and values they need to build their vision of a positive future.
  • EMPOWER young people to lead a purposeful life and be a positive contributor to the community in which they belong.



Our values underpin our individualised healing orientated approach to education and wellbeing:

  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Productive

The Hester Hornbrook Academy’s core values are aligned with the principles of inclusiveness, love, hope, service, and social justice begin fundamental to our practice.


At HHA we believe that everyone in the community has a right to have their voice heard and should have the resources necessary for participation in community and social life.


As part of the wider Melbourne City Mission (MCM) organisation, HHA understands the critical importance of collaboration and co-operation within a community, leading to stronger responses and better outcomes.